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Meet Cathy W. (and Cooper W., too!)

Cathleen Wanserski, an award-winning Top Agent for RE/MAX Real Estate Solutions in Pittsburgh, has helped make a difference for over 1,000 people over the course of her 24-year professional career. Known in the Greater Pittsburgh area as Cathy W., she has the education, experience and expertise a buyer or seller requires in a Realtor®. Perhaps more importantly, though, she has a laid-back, approachable style that instantly puts clients at ease. Thanks to her marketing degree, she's always willing to provide clever strategies, and she boasts an inherent Midwestern proclivity for hard work. That's not to say that Cathy W. doesn't understand the importance of balance in her life - she makes sure to spend time with her dog, the always-adorable Cooper W., as well as take the time for daily exercise, so that her clients aren't dealing with a stressed-out agent. According to Cathy, "It sounds trivial, but there is a lot to be said for having a positive attitude and a happy demeanor."

A humble and consummate professional, you would never know that Cathy has helped more than 40 professional Pittsburgh SteelersPirates and Penguins relocate to the area. Nor would you know that she appeared on HGTV's My First Placeunless you happened to watch the show. "That's not what makes me successful. I have to go out and and earn new business, and I do that by helping my clients make smart choices and by making sure I educate them. There is so much to sift through, whether you're a first-time buyer or an investor. Everyone needs someone to offer solid advice, or to hold their hand, so to speak."

For example, in addition to handing out market reports to clients and contractors, or anyone else that may find them useful for that matter, Cathy remains at the forefront of new construction in the area. She makes sure to let her clients know when great opportunities arise for remodeling their homes. Beyond that, she says, "You have to be a good listener, and you have to genuinely want to help people."

For Cathy, helping others is not limited to those buying and selling homes. "People come to me for requests for various names and numbers of the the people I personally use or recommend. I love being a resource, and I appreciate the fact that people come back to me. I really do try to go above and beyond to help in any way I can." Further proof of her sincere desire to help others is evident through her support of charities benefitting autism, cancer, Parkinson's disease and animal rescue. She frequently donates to nonprofits on behalf of her clients.

Cathy's personal touches reiterate the fact that she's a hard worker who genuinely wants to be of service in her community. She still hand delivers gifts and treats to the homes in her target neighborhoods. From Easter-themed gifts of marshmallow Peeps ("Have your Peeps call my Peeps if you're looking to buy or sell") to Valentine's Day candy ("Be Mine... and the house of your dreams will Be Yours"), Cathy always finds a unique way to introduce herself to potential buyers and sellers, as well as keep in contact with past clients. Perhaps what she is best known for is her homemade pistachio bread, popularly known as "green bread" in Pittsburgh. Cathy enjoys showing her appreciation to contractors and clients through her love of baking, then delivering her signature treats. She has done this for 20 years and intends to continue this tradition for years to come.

With all that she does to help others, it's not surprising that Cathy's business continues to grow, commensurate with the population growth and cultural expansion Pittsburgh is currently experiencing. "It is such an exciting time to be living in Pittsburgh. People are moving to the city, and we're becoming even more diverse. I love being a part of helping to make my clients' dreams come true."

- Adapted from Top Agent Magazine

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